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Retirement Planning WorkshopIntroduction

The Planning for Retirement Online Course (P4RO) draws on our extensive experience of running ‘real world‘ Planning Retirement courses all around the UK for thousands of delegates each year. These courses receive outstanding feedback and now that expertise is harnessed to provide a truly comprehensive and interactive P4RO course.

  • P4RO uses e-learning technology to provide an interactive and enjoyable experience and to help your employees plan and decide when to retire. 
  • The course covers both the lifestyle and financial aspects of planning retirement.
  • Whether retirement is imminent or still many years away, the course provides different paths and different levels of detail to choose from. So employees can choose the appropriate mix and depth of lifestyle and finance planning for their current situation. 
  • Delegates will find that we will take them through thinking about every aspect of retirement and get them to ask questions of themselves that they perhaps hadn’t previously thought about. 

If you haven’t already seen it, take a look at our online P4RO demo to get a flavour of what is available

Benefits to the organisation

PLanning Retirement Hub

Planning Your Retirement Online provides an exceptionally comprehensive approach to planning retirement but can be used at basic or detailed level. It covers planning of both Lifestyle and Financial aspects of retirement. It therefore allows organisations with a significant number of employees who are over 50, to provide an extremely valuable course for all of them at a modest cost.

  • The course satisfies the goals of both HR and Pensions in providing a valuable employee benefit and at the same time supporting Pensions and Pension Trustees’ responsibilities in providing information to employees in a world of Pension Freedom. 
  • Should the organisation want to incorporate a module on its own Pension scheme, consultancy is available to create a bespoke module and course.    
  • The online course approach is also ideal for assisting deferred pensioners to make their plans and decisions about retirement.  
  • The P4RO course is just one of the courses available e.g. there is a separately licensed financial education course available for employees early in their careers.
  • There are two main options for making the courses available:
    • Courses are hosted on our dedicated e-learning web site and organisations have access to an administration panel to provide and manage user access.
    • The courses offered are all SCORM compliant so that if the organisation has its own Learning Management System they can be provided and managed within that framework  
  • Access via this dedicated e-learning web site can be co-branded to provide a more Corporate feel for employees accessing their course/s

Benefits to employees

Retirement PlansThe course is comprehensive, visually attractive and interactive in order to engage the user. It gets them thinking and provides an enjoyable and valuable experience. 

Getting individuals to think and plan from their own personal perspective is a key aim of the course because making the most of retirement is all about choices and making the decisions that are right for each of us, because we are all different. 

For more information from an individuals point of view visit the ‘Retirement Planning - Individuals’ page, and for a more detailed overview of the course visit the ‘Course Description’ page.

For more information or to purchase

You can buy single or multiple licences here online for your organisation using a credit card and then allocate them to your users - just specify the number of seats you want when ordering. However for details of multi-user packages for organisations for 20+ users visit the ‘Organisation Packages’ page or to enquire or to talk to us please use the form or phone number on the Contact Us page.