Financial Education - Organisations

Helping employees be better with money

Our online courses draw on the face to face courses we run for organisations, which are delivered by finance professionals. Our courses receive excellent feedback and now we are able to provide online courses to enable even more employees, wherever they are, to be better with money.

Financial education can help employees learn how to be better with money so that they are less stressed and their wellbeing is improved. This means that they will be more focused and engaged at work. Our courses are designed to help individuals learn new skills and ideas about how to manage their money better. Rather than just providing information, we help employees to understand more about their personal finances, the ways they can make the most of their money and how to tackle big financial decisions.

We know that some financial problems can affect anyone at any time, but often there are aspects of finances that are more relevant for individuals at different stages in their lives. By providing courses for employees at different stages of their careers we can make sure the content we provide is relevant and useful.

  • Our online courses create an interactive experience that helps employees plan and understand key decisions they need to make regarding their finances
  • Key financial aspects are covered, ranging from managing problem debt right through to pension planning
  • We cater for employees at all stages of life, including Planning Retirement courses 
  • Our courses allow employees the time to think about their finances, what is important to them and what they want to achieve.

Benefits for the organisation

Financial education online enables employees to help themselves be better with money and get their finances under control anytime, anywhere. Our Early Career e-learning course covers a range of aspects of finances that individuals can access whenever they need to so that they don’t need to take time away from work and can revisit the course again and again. Financial education helps employees to manage their money better, take control of their finances and plan effectively for the future. This can take away one of the biggest sources of stress, improve their overall wellbeing and therefore their focus, productivity and engagement at work.

  • Helps employees get in control of their finances in their own time, without having to take time out for a face to face workshop
  • Provides a valuable employee benefit and supports responsibilities as an employer to ensure wellbeing of employees
  • If you want to include modules that have your own workplace benefits information, consultancy can be provided to create a bespoke module and course
  • Our financial education courses cater for employees at all stages of life – early and mid career courses and preretirement courses provided by Mercer Marsh Benefits
  • Courses are hosted on our website and your organisation will have access to an administration panel to provided and manage user access
  • Our courses are all SCORM compliant, so if you have your own Learning Management System (LMS) the courses can be managed within it
  • Access via the website can be altered to fit to your company brand to provide a more corporate feel for employees 

Benefits for employees

  • Courses are visually attractive, drawing the user in
  • Interactivity enables employees to learn through activities to provide better retention of information
  • Individuals progress through the course at their own pace, so they can do as much or as little as they are comfortable with, and can take bite-sized chunks
  • Each course consists of modules organised around a hub. Although there is a natural flow of the modules, employees can work through modules in any order that suits them
  • Learning is broken down into simple tasks to help employees get to grips with what can be complex topics
  • Employees can enter their own information and this can be re-used in other parts of the course to help build their whole plan

For more information from an individuals point of view visit the ‘Financial Education - Individuals’ page, and for a more detailed overview of the course visit the ‘Course Description’ page.

For more information

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