Retirement Planning

Planning Retirement

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Planning your retirement lifestyle and finances

Our overall aim is to help you plan your retirement so that you can reach retirement with both lifestyle plans and adequate finances to support those plans.

You’ll find that we will take you through thinking about every aspect of retirement and get you to ask questions of yourself that you perhaps hadn’t previously thought about.

Whether retirement is imminent or still many years away, the course provides different paths and different levels of detail to choose from. So you can choose the appropriate mix and depth of lifestyle and finance planning for your current situation. 

The course content draws on over 10 years of running highly acclaimed real world retirement planning courses all around the UK.

Why you need to Plan Your Retirement

If you are within a few years of potential retirement

Group looking at computer screenWhen to retire is a significant personal decision and these days when we retire we hopefully have some 25-30 years of active life ahead of us. It’s a huge opportunity.

However the change from a work situation, to one where there is no structure and nobody telling us what to do, is one of the biggest changes of our lives. Whatever length of time we spent working and travelling to work each day, and whatever aspirations we have for retirement, filling 40-50 hours each week on top of previous leisure time, for the next 25 years, is a major challenge!

We are all different, some of us can’t wait to retire, others are concerned or apprehensive about it.

The purpose of ‘Planning Your Retirement Online’ is to encourage you to think seriously about all aspects of your retirement in a structured way, to remove those concerns where you have them and to increase your chances of enjoying and making the most of this potentially fulfilling phase of your life and avoiding some of the common pitfalls.

If retirement is still some way off, perhaps as much as 15 or 20 years away

Nest with money inIf you are still some way from retirement, planning your finances is likely to be much more important to you than planning your retirement lifestyle. However, in order to understand what finances you will need, you do need to have an idea of the type of lifestyle you want to have e.g. if you want to go on a world cruise, or take up an expensive hobby, you will need a lot more than if your plans are more based around home and friends. 

So understanding what you will need for your target lifestyle, knowing what you are likely to have from pensions and other sources of income and capital, and any resultant gap or surplus, is essential to making good financial decisions now e.g. how to build up additional funds in the time available.

The purpose of ‘Planning Your Retirement Online’ is to help you look at personal planning for your financial needs in retirement, what your current plans are likely to give you, any gap between them, and how to address that gap. We also look at the options brought in by Pension Freedom, the pros and cons of these and some of the key decisions that need to be made. There is also the option to dive down into much more detailed planning if you want to and also get educated about each of the things that a financial planner would consider.

When it comes to making financial decisions there is a lot you can get right and conversely a lot you can get wrong. 

Planning Your Retirement

Planning your retirement lifestyle and finances